Onyx Triple-Wrap

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Black onyx is associated with the 1st, or Root Chakra, therefore, making it a wonderful grounding stone which assists in protecting and preventing one’s personal energy from being drained away. It strengthens one’s instincts and assists in expending consciousness. Onyx has additionally been used to dispel sorrow, inspire happiness and prosperity, aid the wearer in absorbing what they need from Universal energies and help to align them with a higher power. We’ve chosen a premium waxed cotton cord to frame these powerful stones. The cord is made of multiple strands of cotton woven into a tubular shape around two strands of nylon. We believe that with minerals of this magnitude, the materials they adorn should be equally strong and superior. The button is an octagon shape. We’ve chosen this because 8 is a powerful money number, which can only help to bring prosperity to the wearer. We also love the button’s unisex look and feel.

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Order Onyx Triple-Wrap Bracelet Onyx Triple-Wrap Bracelet @ $128.88

This handmade Onyx Triple-Wrap Bracelet brings a fresh, new twist to one of our favorite styles. We’ve always loved the layered look, and by wrapping this extra long bracelet three times, it brings layers all by itself. We also love the versatility-it’s great for both men and women, casual or stylish.

Looking Who Is Sporting Our Wrap Bracelet - Jay Alexander, TV Personality & Model