Rapture Collection

Shannon Elizabeth & Tamsen Fadal, Spiritual Awakening Jewelry Designers & Co-Founders Wearing The Rapture Collection

Six gemstone bracelets make up our Signature Rapture Collection including: Ruby, Agate, Peridot, Tourmaline, Unakite, Red Jasper and Epidote bracelets. These stretch bracelets are made up of the beads that spell out RAPTURE. This collection is an expression and manifestation of ecstasy or passion, that you will feel the moment you slip them on.

RAPTURE Collection:

The word RAPTURE has a vibration of 9. It’s actually a very powerful 9 because when you add up the vibration of each letter, according to the Pythagorean Number System, you get 36. Then to get down to one number, you add the 3 plus the 6 to get 9. 3-6-9 are all CREATIVE numbers. They work together extremely well, and in fact…my life path number is a 9 and Tamsen’s life path number is a 6. That’s why we work together so well and know that this collection will be extremely powerful for the wearer.  If you’re confused, it will all make more sense when you read the breakdown and unveiling of our RAPTURE collection!

R : Ruby (Vibration 3) – We chose the Ruby because it stimulates the heart chakra and helps you to attain whatever your heart desires. It also stimulates the loving, emotional side toward nurturing. Although, there are many other great properties a Ruby can provide, it’s the ones that focus on the heart that make it the perfect stone to kick off this collection.

A : Agate (Botswana) (Vibration 3) – Botswana Agate stimulates the crown chakra and energizes the auric body (your aura). By doing so, it’s encouraging an eternal love, and a knowing that this love is constant and unconditional.  It brings in the vibration of love from the Universe. It’s also very helpful in overcoming states of depression and negative emotions by helping to fill the chakras with core love.

P : Peridot (Vibration 6) – Peridot’s primary function is to cleanse and stimulate the heart and solar plexus chakras. This makes it the perfect stone to include in this collection, because it has this innate ability to saturate the heart chakra with core love from the Universe. It helps to draw in higher frequency vibrations from the Universal energy field, which in turn can bring an openness, acceptance and healing when it comes to matters of the heart. This is a great stone to aid in releasing emotional attachments to people, things or situation. It’s also very powerful in assisting with issues of self-worth, limiting beliefs, anger, jealousy and resentment.

T : Tourmaline  (Vibration 2) – Tourmaline has an energy overall that clears, maintains and stimulates every chakra on the physical body. It has been used to stimulate the left and right sides of the brain and helps one to look within and have just as much trust and belief in their inner world as their outer surroundings. It’s also interesting to break down the different colors of Tourmaline even further. Although a 2 vibration is neutral to a 9, the vibrations of the predominant colors are natural matches. My favorite color choice for Tourmaline is Pink, which possesses a powerful 99 vibration, in turn becoming a 9. What I love about the property of Pink Tourmaline is that it helps the wearer to trust in the power of love. This stone also stimulates the heart and crown chakras and initiates a synthesis between love and spirituality. Then, Green Tourmaline is the other color that stands out, carrying a 6 vibration. Green is the color of the heart chakra, so it’s fitting that Green Tourmaline helps one to “see” with their heart and not their eyes.

U : Unakite (Vibration 9) –  Unakite is a mottled rock mainly consisting of Feldspar, Epidote and Quartz. Unakite as a whole is a great stone for connecting the higher and lower heart chakras and helping to facilitate healing and peace in those areas. When you look at the properties of the crystals contained within it, those have some great individual qualities for this particular collection. My favorite is Feldspar, which supports self-awareness and self-love. It also helps to facilitate an overall picture that love can unite with all aspects of the world.

R : Red Jasper (Vibration 6) – Red Jasper helps to balance emotional energy and ease emotional stress within the body. It additionally assists one in remembering anything that might be consequential to their life during a dream state, which is best accessed through meditation.

E : Epidote (Vibration 2) – We find Epidote existing already within the Unakite, yet it has a vibration and properties all its own. This mineral dissipates criticism, enhances acute perception and strengthens one’s personal power. It also helps to increase anything that one is able to truly vibrate with. That makes Epidote a great stone to procure to enhance all areas of your life.