Tiger Eye Trio Bracelet

The Shansen Jewelry Tiger Eye Trio with Onyx Bracelet is a unisex bracelet incorporates three beautiful, reflective shades of Tiger Eye; brown, red and black. Tiger Eye is a mineral that conjoins the vibrations of sand and sunlight, blending the energies of the Earth and the Sun. It resonates to the frequencies of the Earth, therefore being a very grounding and stable stone. It’s useful in helping you to reason through a situation in a clear, rational fashion, and can aide in activating your own intuitive process.

Look Who Is Sporting Our Grounding Bracelet: Nelsan Ellis, True Blood

Tiger Eye helps to balance the yin and the yang.  It brings awareness not only to your own personal needs, but the needs of those around you. It helps to create vibrations of tranquility and calmness in a world that so often tends to feel like it’s spinning out of control.

This stone is also useful in boosting third-eye activity. And because it’s also a very peaceful stone with strong properties, having it on you during meditation not only deepens your practice, but also provides guidance and protection.

Three onyx beads adjoin this bracelet, creating an unbroken circle of strength and protection. The protection is against the draining of your personal power and spirit, while also helping to eliminate unwelcome energy that may have penetrated your aura.

Onyx can also be very powerful in assisting you to become aware of your inner voice and ability to receive guidance from a higher power. It advances the recognition of personal strengths and aides in the understanding of the reality of a situation or moment. It’s very centering while stimulating wise decision-making and helping to banish sadness and heartache.

This is our most popular men’s bracelet with a strong magnetic closure and we have now added a strong magnetic closure that’s made of a sturdy wire.

Because Onyx vibrates to the number 6, we used 3 beads, which in numerology, is a natural match to 6. The vibrations of Tiger Eye (4) and Onyx (6) are also compatible to each other.

This bracelet is available in three sizes for you to pick from: 7″, 7 1/2″ or 8 1/2″ to ensure it can fit any size wrist.

Overview of Properties:



Clarity/Mental Focus



Releases Negative Emotions

Great for Meditation

CHAKRAS: Both stones are associated with your 1st or Root/Base Chakra. Tiger Eye also holds many properties associated with the 2nd, Sacral/Navel Chakra and the 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra.

                                                TIGER EYE               ONYX

Astrological Sign:             Capricorn                      Leo

Vibration:                             4                                      6

Element:                               Fire & Earth                  Fire