Tiger Eye-Triple Wrap

This beautiful mineral combines the vibrations of sand and sunlight, synthesizing the energies of the Earth and the Sun. It balances yin-yang energy and the hemispheres of the brain, bringing awareness to perception. It encourages clear thinking, insight, good luck and protection. This is a stone for the mind, stimulating third-eye activity. Consequently, this is a great stone for meditation and looking within.

For this bracelet we’ve chosen a cord with a rich, chocolate texture to properly emphasize the brilliance and luminosity of each Tiger Eye. The cord has a faux snakeskin design, maintaining the integrity of our vegan roots and standards.

The button is an octagon shape. We’ve chosen this because 8 is a powerful money number, which can only help to bring prosperity to the wearer. We also love the button’s unisex look and feel. This is a must have for every season !

This handmade Tiger Eye Triple-Wrap Bracelet brings twice the power of the crystal properties it features. With an extra-long, triple wrap design, it’s a versatile bracelet for both men and women alike.

Look Who Is Sporting Our Triple Wrap Bracelet - Jay Alexander!

Derek Hough Wearing Shansen Jewelry - Tiger Eye Triple Wrap