Rapture – Unakite Bracelet

This Unakite bracelet makes up one of our six bracelets in the Shansen ™ Rapture Collection. Made of Unakite semi-precious gemstone in a stretch bracelet, perfect for that layered look.

U : Unakite (Vibration 9) –  Unakite is a mottled rock mainly consisting of Feldspar, Epidote and Quartz. Unakite as a whole is a great stone for connecting the higher and lower heart chakras and helping to facilitate healing and peace in those areas. When you look at the properties of the crystals contained within it, those have some great individual qualities for this particular collection. My favorite is Feldspar, which supports self-awareness and self-love. It also helps to facilitate an overall picture that love can unite with all aspects of the world.