Tree of Life in Sterling Silver

This Tree of Life charm is handmade out of beautiful sterling silver. Designed with the help and expertise of Heather Anteby, this 2-sided charm is a center of attention all on its own.

The Tree of Life is a symbol that illustrates the concept that all life on Earth is related. A tree is a deep-rooted, strong, grounded form of life that branches out in all directions, connecting humanity to nature. It also bring a sense of tranquility and peace, in an otherwise hectic world. Thus you’ll notice that the roots of the tree form a merited symbol of peace.

The tree takes on further, various representations, depending on the beliefs of the wearer. To us, it’s a symbol that can steer us towards a path of enlightenment. Buddha became enlightened while sitting under the Bodhi Tree. So, it takes on the form of a reminder of the “Golden Rules,” which actually apply not only in many different religions, but spiritually as a basic, daily life aspirations.

***ribbon/chain sold separately